Author - Jessica Alexander


Weirdest Places Women Gave Birth

Modern medicine lets us know when the baby will be born, and it`s quite accurate these days. Most pregnant women are prepared a week or so before their due date, just waiting for the baby to be ready to come into the world. Most...

Kids Life style

8 Bizarre Parenting Stories

Here is a ridiculous list of bizarre parenting that actually happened. Father of a toddler didn’t want to go to McDonald’s with his kid and it got very unpleasant He was called unfit because of that and it almost cost him the...


How to Make Your Migraine Less Painful

Migraines can be seriously annoying and people who have them are usually miserable. But, there are some ways to stop them or at least make them less painful. Migraines are most prevalent in our thirties. That is the time when we...