Author - Peter Lewis

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Stop Yelling at Your Kids

When your child is getting on your nerves, you could get a feeling that they are always getting into mischief on purpose. But don’t forget all the other possibilities, such as your child not seeing their behavior as wrong or...

Kids Parenting

Skills Used to Self-Dress

When your child arrived in this word, they were completely incapable of living on their own and taking care of themselves. You had to feed them, help them fall sleep again when they wake up and practically do everything for them...

Health Life style

How to Cope With Too Much Stress

Having kids in the house puts a lot of pressure on the parents’ shoulders. From making lunches and cleaning up after them, to remembering to run after them carrying the things they forgot to bring to school – everyday routine can...


Talking to Kids About Death

When you lose a family member, a friend or a loved person, you are going through your own grieving process and probably having a hard time struggling with your own emotions. Assuming that kids will not realise that something is...

Health Parenting

Teach Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

What I’ve always wanted for my kids is to eat healthily, it was very important to me and still is. I was thinking while I still nursed, what should I do to ensure that they don’t grow up being specific when it comes to food. Not...

Parenting Pregnancy

Becoming a Parent Later in Life

Steve Martin, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and many other male celebrities decided to become dads later in life. So don’t worry, you are never too old to have a child. When it comes to having a child, there is no such thing as...

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